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Kingston Real Estate – When moving, remember to contact….

check_markThere is so much to do when you buy a home including contacting the various providers and services that you may need at your new residence. Here is a reminder list of companies & services that you may need to connect with before you close on your new home.

Utilties & Service

  • Landlord – give notice in writing if currently renting.
  • Electricity provider (eg. Hydro One)
  • Heating Fuel provider (eg. Union Gas, Ultramar (oil))
  • Water & Sewer (eg. Utilities Kingston)
  • Telephone (eg. Cogeco, Bell)
  • Cable TV (eg. Cogeco)
  • Internet (eq. Kingston Online Service, Cogeco)

Professional Services

  • Doctor (forward records if moving out of town)
  • Dentist (forward records if moving out of town)

Government & Public Services

  • Post Office (purchase change of address)
  • Pension Plans
  • Employment Insurance
  • Provincial Health Card (visit
  • Provincial Driver’s License & vehicle registration (visit
  • Schools (including enrolling children in school if necessary)
  • Any subscriptions that are mailed to you
  • Credit Card & Banking Institution for address update