Military HHT & Buyers Agent in Kingston – Showings Toolkit

Military HHT & Buyers Agent in Kingston – Showings Toolkit

As we move towards our spring market, buyers are anxiously awaiting new listings and ample choices for their house hunting. Ideally, you’d pick a house, head out to see it and fall in love. But that’s not reality. Rarely does a buyer pick the first house they see to buy. It’s a big decision and can take a few houses or a ton of houses to see before you find the right “one”.

Does the idea of heading out to view 5 – 10 houses in one day seem daunting? It can be. But, there are things you can do to prepare for a house hunting trip. Preparation can mean the difference between a great, productive day vs a hectic and overwhelming day.

To make sure your house hunting trip lives up to your expectations and is enjoyable instead of stressful, here are some tips for you and me to tackle before we head out together:

  • A pen and paper. Or, let’s get techie. An iPad, tablet or phone with note taking apps.
  • Listing Package (provided by me). You’ll need a copy of each and every listing we view for notes and reference later.
  • A flashlight. Trust me, this comes in handy. Don’t have one. No problem. Download the Flashlight app. That’s what I use!
  • Water & snacks. I like to bring water and a granola bar along with me. When we have a long day of showings, a pit stop along the way for a more substantial bit to each is always pre-planned so you never have to worry about making decisions on an empty stomach.
  • The route. I pre-plan the days route and will give you the details before we head out. My goal is to make the most of your time and to get you to and from homes in an effective and efficient time frame.
  • A Wrap Up. At the end of the house hunting trip we have to wrap up the day. Set a game plan for the next outing and continue to the search until your next home is found.

Having been a part of so many house hunting trips for both local buyers and many military clients posted to Kingston, rest assured that I bring a wealth of excitement, knowledge and professionalism to your HHT or house search. Want more tips on a successful house hunt? Call me.
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